Crusaders Inline Hockey Club

Match Report

Match Report - 07 Sep 2014, Crusaders Inline Hockey Club Crusaders Youth beat Medway Assassins

The Saracens found themselves struggling to fire on all cylinders after the long summer break and, if it were not for Sebi's assured performance in goal (no doubt spurred on knowing that Jordan was ready to take his place in front of the net) would have been more than 2 nil down by the second break against a predictably well organised Medway. Although the Saracens were finding their form and looking increasingly threatening efforts to break Medway down were being successfully rebuffed. For the third period the coach switched the lines substantially teaming Jacob S and Brandon with James and Max; George and Taylor with Matt, Marco and Jacob A. In this shape the tide really began to turn and goals from Brandon and Taylor evened the score before Jacob S tucked the winner away with the win being protected by a final 2 minute game finishing line of George, Brandon and Taylor. Penalties incurred during the game were successfully killed by Jacob S, Brandon and either of Taylor/Max/James. A fantastic show of character, tenacity and team effort for this match which could well prove critical to qualification for Nationals. As Steve D says; Crusaders never give up. They didn't and they got the result. Well done Saracens.

Medway Assassins 2 - 3 Crusaders Inline Hockey Club Crusaders Youth