Crusaders Inline Hockey Club

Club History

TV Video
This Video was made by a TV company about 1997 to give an example of the sport featuring a young Neil Mc Mahon, with pictures of Ben Tracey,Chris Knowles, Rob Pym and Steven Dickinson, Chris must have been one of the last players to still be playing on Quad Skates, The Goal Keeper in the Penalty shot is Dan Kasler his brother Tom also played for us.

Original Team Photo

This photo would have been before my time so all of these players would be considered founder members and would have been with the team from the start. Billy Sewell (back 8th from left) helped me coach for about ten years, as with many of the players in this photo we became great friends.

Back Left, Ben Treacy, Rob Pym, Mr Maurice, ?, Shilly, Dave Campbell, ?, Billy Sewell, Craig, Tim Danbury.
             Chris Knowles, Lenny Ward, Neil Mc Mahon, Robbie Sewell.
                 Craig Maurice, Matt Sewell, ?,Paul Campbell, ?, Rob Sheldrake.

Program from early Junior Nationals

 The club would not of had a Senior team back then just Junior and Pee Wee, there was no Youth age group. At this stage the games was still played on Quads, In-line skates didn't arrive till later.
Everyone had nick names at that time. "Titch" I think was Jamie Campbell who was even back smaller then, he would have been only about seven then so to young to be playing Junior at the time. Eddie Edute, played for the London Street Warriors, was known as the Axe Man.